Zipper, Herbert, 1904-1997

Collection, 1974-1993: 1 folder (50 leaves), 2 books, 3 recordings, 25 slides

Herbert Zipper--Austrian conductor and music pedagogue. He conducted the Düsseldorf Symphony and Manila Symphony. He knew Schoenberg in Vienna (1920-1921) as a member of the Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen. He was so impressed with Pierrot lunaire, having attended all of the rehearsals of that work at the Verein, that he recorded it commercially later in life (1962). He taught at the University of Southern California (1971-1980).


books (2 items: 1985-1992) Cummins' Dachau song, Weigel's Blödeln für Anfänger
clippings (4 items: 1997) obituaries of Zipper in the Los Angeles Times (2 items), USC Trojan Family, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik
correspondence (1 item: 1974) with Herbert Zipper
English translation by Zipper of Schoenberg's Op. 21 (10 copies)
recording (1 disc: 1962) of Op. 21 (Concert-Disc CS-232)
recording (2 cassettes: 1993) of Herreshoff interview of Zipper
slides (25 items: 1962) of paintings by Martyl inspired by Schoenberg's Op. 21
text (1 leaf) of "Dachau Lied"


Oskar Kokoschka (1 item: 1974)

Music cited

Op. 21