Szasz, Tibor

Collection, 1935-1991: 1 folder (346 leaves)

Tibor Szasz--pianist and former professor at the Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg i. B.


correspondence (3 items: 1990-1991)
interviews (1977) with Rudolf Kolisch, on Bartóks Sonata for Violin Solo
music (313 leaves) autograph condensed score of Schoenberg's Op. 36 (with Schoenberg's annotations); op. 4, photocopy of fair copy from Library of Congress, Washington D.C. (with annotations); op. 24, photocopy of Arrangement by Felix Greissle; op. 45, photocopy of autograph (with annotations); Photocopies of autographs of Béla Bartóks Sonata for Violin Solo and 6th String quartet (with annotations by Rudolf Kolisch)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (2 items: 1990-1991); Leonard Stein (1 item: 1990))
Ann C. Hall (1 item: 1987)
Tibor Szasz (3 item: 1990-1991)

Music cited

Score: Op. 4, 24, 36, 45 (Schönberg); Sonata for Violin Solo, 6th String quartet (Bartók)