Swaby Rice, Helen Bell (1916-2019)

Collection (1930-2019): 1 folder

Helen Swaby, noted violinist with many music awards both in Canada and the United States. Swaby and pianist Frances Mullen had played Schönberg’s Violin Concerto Op. 36 for him at his home on Rockingham Avenue in February 1940, to receive coaching from him. Following that encounter, the two artists played the concerto’s second movement on NBC Radio (before the work’s official premiere on December 6, 1940).


corresondence (3 item: 1940-2019) with Dorothy L. Crawford, Bill L. Rice, Arnold Schoenberg (to Gustav Arlt), Lawrence Schoenberg
music (1 item: 1940) printed violin part of Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 36, with many annotations and a handwritten commentary by Arnold Schönberg
photographs (ca. 1930-2016) of Helen Swaby
tapes (3 items: 1935-36) transfers of recorded exercises by Helen Swaby
texts (7 items, undated) recollections of meeting with Schoenberg, several annotated programs, clippings and booklets; obituaries Helen Swaby


Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 36