Smith, Joan Allen

Collection, ca. 1910-1985: 1 folder (21 leaves, 9 photographs)

Joan Allen Smith--musicologist who has written on Alban Berg and Schoenberg. As the basis for her doctoral dissertation, Sprechstimmen-Geschichte: an oral history of the genesis of the twelve-tone idea (Princeton, 1977) and her book Schoenberg and his circle (Schirmer, 1986), she conducted a series of 25 oral history interviews of people who knew Schoenberg


biographical data (3 leaves)
correspondence (7 items: 1976-1985)
photographs (9 items: ca. 1910-1951) of Hanns Eisler, Rudolf Kolisch, Arnold Schoenberg, Gertrud Schoenberg, Nuria Schoenberg Nono, Clara Steuermann, Edward Steuermann, et al
miscellaneous (1 leaf: Op. 9 ticket, Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen poster, ca. 1918)


ASI (Jerry McBride (3 items: 1982-1985), Clara Steuermann (2 items: 1976))
Joan Allen Smith (2 items: 1976-1982)

Music cited

Ticket: Op. 9