Maegaard, Jan, 1926-

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Jan Maegaard--Danish composer and musicologist. He taught at the Copenhagen Conservatory, and the Musicological Institute of the University of Copenhagen. His doctoral thesis is a three volume work, Studies of the Evolution of Schoenberg's Dodecaphonic Method (1972), which was the first published source for detailed descriptions of Schoenberg's pre-American works. In addition to his dissertation, he has written widely on Schoenberg.


articles (2 items: 1972-1984)
correspondence (1 item: 1986)
music (1 item: 1979), Maegaard's arrangement of Schoenberg's Op. 24, no. 6.
printed material (2 items: ca. 1972-ca. 1984)
program (1 item: 1978)


ASI (R. Wayne Shoaf (1 item: 1986))

Music cited

Articles, program, score: Opp. 24, 40, Scherzo for String Quartet