Garbousova, Raya, 1906-

Collection, 1933: 2 folders (36 leaves), 1 microfilm

Raya Garbousova--Georgian violoncellist. She studied at the Tbilisi Conservatory (1914-1923). She emigrated to the United States in 1939. She has appeared as soloist with most major orchestras in Europe and the United States. Starting in 1970, she was a professor at Hartt College of Hartford University, Connecticut. She was a close friend of the violoncellist Emanuel Feuermann, who premiered Schoenberg's Cello Concerto (freely adapted from a Monn harpsichord concerto).


biographical data (1 leaf)
correspondence (3 items: 1974, 1996)
music manuscripts of Schoenberg's Cello Concerto after Monn (violoncello part, piano score)


ASI (Eve Eshelman (1 item: 1974))
Raya Garbousova (2 items: 1974)
Lawrence Schoenberg (1 item: 1996)

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Violoncello concerto