Arnold Schönberg Center (Vienna) collection

Collection, 1951-1974: 1 folder, 1 book, 1 sheet of postage stamps, 2 stamps, 1 letter, 1 program

The collection contains historical publications and items linked to Arnold Schönberg with unidentified provenance, as well as correspondence with the Center to be kept beyond the usual time limits.


auction item illustration (1 item, 1923), letter from Alexander Zemlinsky concerning Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen Prag
book (2 items, 1911–1915), Albert Giraud/Otto Erich Hartleben: Pierrot lunaire. Mit vier Musikstücken ovn Otto Vrieslander. München: Georg Müller 1912; Imago 4/2 (1915)
empty envelope (1 item: 1913) adressed to Josef Winternitz
correspondence (1 item, 2019) with Manfred Trojahn
postage stamps (2 items, 1994) with Arnold Schönberg and Darius Milhaud
program (1 item: 1931) Jakobsleiter, public lecture
sheet of christmas seals (109 items: 1944) includes 109 Christmas seals
sheet of postage stamps (50 items: 1974)  includes 50 stamps portraying Arnold Schönberg of the Republic of Austria, each worth 2,50 Schillings